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Our Services


We'll call you for a brief chat to better understand your situation and suitability for therapy. If we believe therapy would be of benefit to you, we will invite you for a 50 minute Initial Consultation, so both client and therapist can explore the available options and mutually agree on the most effective pathway 

Contact us today to book a consultation. Cost: £80


Open-ended psychotherapy allows you the time and space to understand the unconscious drivers and behavioural patterns that have been directing your life choices. We will work towards you being able to make better decisions through personal development and self-understanding.

Session cost: from £80


Short Term Therapy is an option for those looking to address ONE specific issue in a quick and effective way. It can help with adapting to a new situation, coping after loss or trauma, relationship challenges, high stress situations, and even phobias. Our Short Term Therapy service is tailored to each individual's needs and goals, and helps them develop coping strategies and skills to handle life's challenges.

Session cost: from £80

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